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The future is plant-based, but also natural

It is great to see more plant-based products on the market. If we want to protect our planet and the future of our children, we should all embrace plant-based products. 

But the best plant-based products are vegetables and fruits.

They are natural, unprocessed and healthy. We should put them on the centrepiece of our table. 

Why should we put high-processed plant-based products with additives and GMO on our table, if we can have natural vegetables and fruits?

We wanted to create another alternative to the alternatives.

Plant-based products made from 100% vegetables and fruits.

To achieve this we took a holistic approach; we created new varieties that have already the right texture, taste and aroma using classic breeding techniques.




As the varieties have already all that is needed for meat, dairy and sauce alternatives, we only have to cut, heat or ferment. That is it. Keeping all the goodness of plants.

plant base food
plant base food

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