The right chilli does not need sugar

Chilli sauce can contain as much as 65% added sugars.

Our chilli pepper varieties are crosses between a sweet bell pepper and chilli pepper.

They are sweet from nature

Perfect to make chilli sauce without added sugar.

The number of        indicates the pungency. Each sauce has a different flavour profile to fit perfectly different dishes.

Emmanuel bite hot sauce

a sharply hot  sweet and sour yellow pepper sauce with tongue teasing habanero aroma, without added sugar

​​Soft Sarah hot sauce

a medium hot red sweet & sour paprika pepper sauce with notes of green apple without added sugar

RadicL® chilli sauce without added sugar

Red hot bell sauce

a mildly hot sweet & sour red bell paprika sauce with unique flavour

Hot Gold hot sauce

a slightly hot pepper yellow bell paprika pepper sauce with balanced sweet & sour taste without added sugar


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