Fruit description

  • Vegan meaty taste and texture, specially developed as meat replacer.
  • Unique texture: the ONLY aubergine that keeps shape when cooked.
  • Ideal for glazing and frying. Keep an eye on our blog for recipes.
  • It absorbs less oil when sliced fried in oil.
  • Medium to long size fruit, cylindrical shape.
  • Smooth greenish white fruit
  • Average weight: 290 - 500 g.
  • Size: 16 to 25x15x21cm (length x top circumference x near bottom circumference)

Crop description

  • Compact, medium to tall height, upright shrubby plant with large leaves.
  • Crop cover (top crop circumference) 300 cm if grown in Standard Tech without pruning in SW Europe. Inter-node 11.5 cm. Stem distance from cotyledons to the node of the first flower- short to medium. When grown in greenhouse High Tech hydroponics it grows >4 m with pruning.
  • About 60 to 70 days from transplanting to maturity.
  • Suitable to grow in greenhouse hydroponics or soil under High Tech (NW Europe) with pruning or Standard Tech (SW Europe & Turkey).
  • In fields under warm conditions even in arid climate.
  • Could be grown “pots” in soil outside under sheltered places of home gardens in summer anywhere in the world, e.g. London, Toronto, Paris, Rome, Turin, Berlin, Brugge, Brussels, Sydney, Brisbane, Barcelona etc.

Eggplant Isaura seeds

  • 10 seeds of Eggplant Isaura


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